Can You Survive a Double Avalanche?

peopel digging out person trapped by avalanche

Can you imagine being in an avalanche….

The noise …

The feeling of out of control…..

That sinking feeling……

Then after the silence…..

You hear another…..

Some adrenaline junkies, if they are caught in an avalanche, don’t come back.

Imagine what you would be thinking if you had been in an avalanche and then there was a second one.

This is Jakes story…

I’m really glad he had the right kit.

An avalanche beacon saved his life.

But don’t just get the kit – learn how to use it effectively.

It may not be your top priority, but if anything happens out there, then you want to know, not only you but all of your group are skilled in using the kit to pull you out.

I know i would make it a challenge weekend, training and rescue.

The last one to find the beacon pays for the beers.

This video is no substitute for on the ground training but worth a watch…

But to be a lucky as Jake, you need the kit so don’t forget to check out the reviews of beacons, probes and shovels.

And maybe it is worth checking out the airbags, you may not float like Jake, so why chance it?

It’s only a short post this time, but i will be back soon with more reviews and help on avalanches.

Stay safe and come back alive


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